Why Seismic Retrofitters?

100% focused on structural safety, Seismic Retrofitters offers expert consultation and full engineering, permitting and construction services for your seismic retrofit needs.

Our soft story, mixed-use and residential clients have saved thousands of dollars because we use advanced retrofitting techniques including cost effective methods to:

  • Replace crumbling foundations & failing retaining walls

  • Brace & bolt cripple walls

  • Minimize lateral stresses on garage doors & large open spaces

  • Upgrade electrical and plumbing

  • Mitigate asbestos in walls and ceilings and ensure proper fire protection compliance

  • Install automatic gas shutoff valves

  • Soil stabilization/grout injection

  • Add Electric Vehicle (EV) outlets in garages

  • Increase parking space without impacting property tax assessments (when feasible)

Protect your investment and save lives by contacting Seismic Retrofitters today.

Retrofit Now

According to the USGS, a high magnitude earthquake will likely strike the Bay Area with the next ten years. Considering this, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my building properly retrofitted to avoid tenant displacement after a large earthquake?

  • Can I afford the 25% insurance deductible in the case of catastrophic damage?

  • Was previous work done with permits and with the oversight of a qualified engineer?

There is no predictable earthquake season. And even if your building has survived previous quakes, buildings and foundations deteriorate over time. You cannot assume your building will hold up when the next “Big One” hits.