Our Services

Starting with a complete expert evaluation of the subject property, Seismic Retrofitters will identify your structural and utility needs for an earthquake retrofit and recommend the best retrofit package specific to your property.

Services Include:

⇒ On-site evaluations & expert consultations

⇒ Detailed construction bids & preliminary plans

⇒ Structural engineering & permit-set plans

⇒ Permitting

⇒ Construction

  • Foundation inspection and replacement

  • Anchoring a dwelling to its foundation through seismic bolting

  • Increasing shear strength of existing garage/cripple walls by applying shear panels

  • Addition of new shear walls or upgrading existing interior walls where applicable

  • Improving lateral shear strength of garage doors and large open spaces

  • Replacing crumbling or sinking foundations and stem walls

  • Upgrading electrical and plumbing

  • Mitigating asbestos and ensuring fire code compliance

  • Reinforcing and/or bracing fireplace chimneys

  • Installing automatic gas shut-off valves

  • Installing Electric Vehicle (EV) outlets in garage

  • Increasing parking space in garage (when feasible)

Retrofitting acts to strengthen your building to minimize future earthquake damage.

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